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A romantic tale of two cultures, two centuries and two different worlds.

WILMINGTON AND THE BRANDYWINE VALLEY is a destination marked by sharp contrast. Town and Gardens. Beauty and Brains. Past and Present. Historic and Hip. It is these contrasts that make each experience more vibrant, each moment more distinct and each sight more authentic and beautiful. 

In every direction, Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley blends the ARTSDINING and 
ENTERTAINMENT amenities of the city with the history and beauty of the surrounding countryside. So whatever your mood, whatever your passion, we invite you to experience our perfect mix of HISTORYCULTURE and GARDENS. Urbane and urban. Town and garden. College and commerce. A place to lose yourself in nature, hearken back to history or tap into the heartbeat of the city.

Highlights from the Brandywine Valley
Experience rich history, inspiring culture and glorious gardens this summer for as little as $4.10 per attraction with the Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport.
Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation, and Wilmington is no exception! Trying to “Catch ‘Em All” while you #VisitWilm? Here’s your list of must-go stops on your Poké travels.
A stroll through the small town unveils stuff of legends – tales of heroes, ghosts, celebrities and political leaders – but mostly a community embracing its important past.
Wilmington hosts more than 100 festivals each year. From ethnic celebrations and concerts to outdoor performances, here’s a list of ten stand-out summer festivals.
The Brandywine Valley offers some of the top arts and cultural attractions in the Northeast. Learn how you can visit and save with the Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport.
Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley is one of the best places to see gardens of overflowing colors. This spring, stop and smell the roses and visit these seven area gardens.
Back in my Spark days, I always wanted to do a story about where touring artists coming through town would go to eat. But other than a few stories that we heard over the years – the Motown diva who pulled up to a local steak joint late at night, a[...] READ MORE

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