Discover the Unique Cities, Towns and Neighborhoods of Greater Wilmington, Delaware

“Neighborhood” can mean a lot of things — from a couple of city blocks with a lively nightlife scene to a small town where people greet each other by name as they wander into their favorite bar or restaurant.

Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley delivers neighborhood vibes at both ends of that spectrum, and plenty in between.

Explore the quiet, scenic roads of the Brandywine Valley‘s Chateau Country, so called because of the stunning mansions hidden among the trees here. Experience free events and spectacular dining in Wilmington's downtown, especially along the famed Market Street and in Rodney Square. Wander along the Wilmington Riverfront for family-friendly attractions and meals with a view. Embrace the nightlife in busy Trolley Square, which comes alive on weekends (and many weeknights as well) with a vibrant bar and restaurant scene.

Then, venture outside of the city to discover the colonial charms of Historic New Castle and the riverside beauty of Delaware City. Wander among beautifully restored properties in Odessa or stop by Middletown for charming small-town festivals.

Newark's Main Street is everything a college town should be, with cool coffee bars, small independent shops and an eclectic dining scene. 

Spotlight on Wilmington