The Historic New Castle neighborhood holds a lot of First State history... rightfully so, as this neighborhood was where William Penn first stepped into the “New World.” It’s also home to the New Castle Court House Museum one of the oldest surviving courthouses in the United States. On the outskirts of the main square lives the Read House and Gardens, a twenty-two-room Federal mansion built by George Read II. The area is full of history and has recently taken on renovations bringing history to meet the present with three new eateries joining local favorites Jessop’s Tavern and Nora Lee’s French Quarter Bistro. 

Historic New Castle

This charming Colonial town is steeped in history. Enjoy fine restaurants, fabulous museums and quaint shops. Stroll along the Delaware River.


1. The Booth House Tavern

The Booth House Tavern and its adjoining coffee shop, the David Finney Café opened in June of this year at the corner of Third and Delaware Streets. The Tavern offers a full menu and “a modern twist on the colonial-tavern lifestyle.” 

2. Zollie’s Jazz Cucina

Zollie's Jazz Cucina opened its doors in mid-October. Located at 414 Delaware Street, Zollie's fusion kitchen presents “a menagerie of flavors from the Americas and the Caribbean” with a background of soft jazz. 

3. The Mercury Café and Tea House

The Mercury Café and Tea House at 206 Delaware St. has been described as a place to “relax with friends while enjoying a beverage and a small bite.” It has hosted two very popular “soft openings” and will open full-time on December 11th.  

Hours and menus are evolving for all locations, so be sure to check their websites!  

Things to Do in Historic New Castle

Read House & Gardens

  • 42 The Strand

Overlooking the Delaware River in Historic New Castle, the 14,000-square-foot George Read II House & Gardens is preserved as a National Historic Landmark and a beacon of design…

New Castle Court House Museum

  • 211 Delaware St.

The New Castle Court House, located in the heart of the historic City of New Castle, Delaware, is one of the oldest surviving courthouses in the United States and a registered…

Amstel House Museum

  • 2 East Fourth St.

Among New Castle's few surviving early colonial buildings is this elegant brick, early Georgian mansion. Built in 1738, the house is graced with original woodwork, fine…

Dutch House

  • 32 East Third St.

Step back in time to the seafaring days of the late 17th century when New Castle was a young colonial town. Feel the warmth of the patina of timeless Dutch Colonial and European…

Jack A. Markell Trail

  • 1400 Delmarva Lane

The Jack A. Markell Trail makes a long-awaited connection between the Wilmington Riverfront and New Castle Battery Park along an off-road pathway consisting of elevated…