Jessica Horstmann

Digital Marketing Manager at the Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau

About Jessica: Moving to Delaware at ten years old gifted me the opportunity to grow under the lights of the city, the serenity of the country, and everything in between. I would have never thought that so many fun and interesting attractions could be packed into such a small state. I love to travel, take pictures, and experience new adventures just like you, reading this now. I can promise you new adventures happen every day in the First State. Follow along with my blogs and see for yourself why Delaware is small, but mighty!


10 Spring Adventures Along Wilmington’s Riverfront

As the weather warms and nature comes to life, the Wilmington Riverfront calls visitors near and far with a plethora of outdoor activities and culinary delights. From leisurely strolls to heart-pounding adventures, there's something for everyone along this vibrant waterfront district. So, shed those…

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Get Wild at Greater Wilmington’s Mt. Cuba Center

Greater Wilmington’s Mt. Cuba Center, a true hidden gem, is best known for its native plants and tranquil nature setting. Wander through the gardens and find yourself in a state of pure relaxation. Take a hike through the winding paths to breathe in nature. Explore the formal and naturalistic…

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