The #DelaBEAR’s recent getaway to Greater Wilmington has made headlines but we know, he just wanted to bear witness to the season’s festive holiday events! The DelaBEAR has been pawing his way through Wilmington’s finest. Throughout his time here, he has traveled through state parks, historic mansions, and of course great dining. DelaBEAR continues to explore the area and has no plans of stopping. Follow along and recreate DelaBEAR’s route during your next getaway to Wilmington, Delaware!  

We first spotted our DelaBEAR grabbing a quick cup o’ joe at BrewHaha in Wilmington’s Trolley Square neighborhood. With his Caffe Americano with honey (of course) in tow, he quickly made his way to check out this popular nightlife and dining area in greater Wilmington. Wandering through Trolley Square, DelaBEAR came across a couple local favorites including - Kid Shelleen’s, Trolley Square Oyster House, BArRoja, and Piccolina Toscana – burgers, pasta, and margaritas mmm, good choices. After fueling up, our visiting bear quickly realized there was much more in greater Wilmington he wanted to see.   So, back to the streets he went, taking the occasional backyard shortcut, stopping for the occasional trash can, and doing his best to avoid the paparazzi high above in the NBC Philadelphia news helicopter. 

Now a viral sensation, DelaBEAR knew the only thing left to do was show off for the cameras and share a few Wilmington attractions he couldn’t bear to miss out on with his fans.  Saying goodbye to Trolley Square he traveled just a short distance to Brandywine Park, stopping of course to say “hi” to some friends at the Brandywine Zoo.  Applauded for his determination, his friends told him about an awesome brewery just up the road, called Wilmington Brew Works. DelaBEAR could bearly contain his excitement! He popped off for a quick brew and even grabbed a WBW growler to take with him as a souvenir.

As he took in the sights of Wilmington, Delaware he soon remembered a story his momma told him when he was just a cub. She spoke of a family named du Pont who came to Delaware by way of Europe. France to be exact. This family brought with them ideas and creations like no other had ever manufactured before. She told him of the many beautiful estates and gardens the du Pont family owned, including one that reminded them of the fabulous French-style gardens back home in France.  So, making his way through Alapocas State Park, passing Blue Ball Barn, he came to Nemours Estate. This had to be what his momma was talking about. Beautiful gardens, fountains, and a magnificent mansion all decorated for the holiday season, the perfect place to take a break from his travels.

Is DelaBEAR considering relocation? Has he chosen Wilmington as his new home? Or, is this just the perfect weekend getaway that he needed before a long hibernation?

At the moment, we know he is still out there, roaming the beautiful Brandywine Valley and clawing his way through every attraction Greater Wilmington has to offer. We wish him well during the rest of his #VisitWilm adventure and recommend a visit to UDairy on Market Street for a scoop or two of their new ice cream flavor “DelaBEAR” created in his honor!

With so much to see and do in greater Wilmington & the Brandywine Valley, we’d like to remind DelaBEAR to pick up a Brandywine Treasure Trail Passport for a return visit in the spring.  A single Passport will provide great savings and entrance to 12 top area attractions.  And, they are on sale now for the holiday season.

Exploring Greater Wilmington is BEARY exciting! We hope that you enjoy your next Wilmington getaway just as much as DelaBEAR. Make your plans today.