Have you ever wanted to learn how to drive a Model T? Your opportunity awaits in Greater Wilmington, Delaware! The Marshall Steam Museum at Auburn Heights now offers lessons led by experienced drivers in their 1914 Ford Model T. “People who visit are always drawn to our Model T. We decided to offer a unique experience you can’t get in the area,” states Susan Randolph, Executive Director.   

Over the course of four hours, program participants will learn the history of the Model T and early automobiles, get behind the wheel to learn the components of driving, and then take the “T” for a spin. Drivers can even flex their muscles by trying to crank start the car themselves! “If you are an antique car enthusiast, interested in Model T’s or just looking for a unique experience, this program is for you!” proclaims Alli Schell, Director of Public Programs.  

Instructors for the program are volunteers with the Marshall Steam Museum, who are also Model T enthusiasts and owners. The Model T became the first mass-produced commodity in the world with the introduction of the assembly line in 1913. The museum’s 1914 Ford Model T was gifted by Gloria Riggleman in memory of James D. Riggleman of Wilmington. Riggleman purchased the car in 2008 from a family who had owned the vehicle since the 1960s. Those interested in going “back to school” can visit http://bit.ly/ModelTSchool or call the office Monday – Friday at 302-239-2385.  

The lesson date will be mutually agreed upon by the instructor and the participant.  

Don’t let this opportunity drive on by, register today!