The end of an era (well decade) is right around the corner. If you’re like most, you will soon be jotting down a list of things you would like to accomplish in the new year. Otherwise known as resolutions.  A common theme among many New Year’s resolutions is the idea of getting up, getting out and getting active. Well, we’re here to help. From hikes through Delaware state parks to walks through amazing du Pont estates, a visit to Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley makes your goals attainable and fun with the bonus of experiencing something new.

State and County Parks

The Brandywine Valley’s natural beauty and rolling hills create a beautiful backdrop for many of Delaware’s state and county parks. If you’re looking for a real challenge try taking on the Delaware Outdoor Trail, a collection of more than 60 activities at over 40 statewide locations, ranging from the rolling hills of the Brandywine Valley to Delaware’s southern beaches and bays. From horseback riding and canoeing down the Brandywine to ziplining with GoApe, your activity levels are endless.

Du Pont Mansions and Estates

Alongside Greater Wilmington’s beautiful scenery comes the stunning elegance of botanic gardens and the ever gorgeous du Pont estates. Packed with magnificent events throughout the year, beautiful trails, and a combined 3,054 acres of public gardens, the mansions and estates are the epitome of where you want to challenge your New Year’s resolutions. Immerse yourself in the history and story of the du Pont legacy and you won’t even realize your goals have been met.  

Let’s put the talk of goal setting aside for a moment and remember there are other ways to stay active in 2020.  Here are a few Wilmington & the Brandywine Valley suggestions for your resolution list:

1. Get festive at just one of the more than 100 festivals hosted in Greater Wilmington and Brandywine Valley throughout the year.

2. See an amazing musical, Broadway or family performance playing on any one of the professional, regional or local performing arts stages throughout Greater Wilmington.

3. Visit Longwood Gardens and witness the 10,010 pipes in the Longwood Organ

4. Take on the Canadian tradition sweeping the nation and “Unleash your Inner Viking” with a trip to Battle Axe Wilmington.

5. Shop completely tax-free in one of our many wonderful local shops or malls!

Resolutions may only be set once a year while we’re thinking about the next chapter of our lives, but that doesn’t mean goals aren’t achieved every day! Make your plans today for a resolution achieving getaway to the Wilmington and Brandywine Valley. We hope to see you soon.

Have a very Happy New Year.