The Brandywine Zoo, a Wilmington landmark just on the edge of downtown, has been a staple for generations of Delawareans and visitors alike. In operation for nearly 115 years, the zoo has truly become a beloved attraction to the area. How could it not when you’re greeted by condors and red pandas?  

Although perfect as it was... the zoo has taken on big changes over the past few years during their reimagination project. This plan, in place to upgrade, evolve and transform the zoo, will benefit the animals, visitors and the community as a whole. Now, it’s possible to see the condors up close, check out the honeybees in a more interactive way (without needing suits!), and of course new animals are now calling Delaware home. With the addition of the Madagascar exhibit, the zoo has completed Phase Two of their upgrades. The Madagascar exhibit shines a light on an area full of unusual wildlife. Three species of endangered lemurs and two endangered species of tortoises only found in Madagascar can now rest easy knowing they are safe at the Brandywine Zoo.    

The next phase of updates to the iconic zoo will bring a dramatic new entryway expanding into unused space. This new fixture will create a stronger image for the attraction and bring greater visibility to the new ticketing area that will be attached. Alongside the new entry will be another new exhibit – The South American Wetlands. This exhibit will feature striking colors to partner with the Chilean flamingoes that will soon call the zoo home! 

Open year-round, the Brandywine Zoo invites visitors to explore and enjoy the animals in unique ways. From “Brew at the Zoo” on summer evenings to “Boo at the Zoo” Halloween adventures, December visits from Santa, and a Noon Year’s Eve that lets the little ones (and some of us older ones) ring in the New Year a little earlier in the day the Brandywine Zoo is always an exciting stop on the itinerary when you’re in Wilmington, Delaware. 

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