Historic New Castle Restaurant Week returns to take on its third year! The four-day event takes place February 21-25, featuring local staples like Jessop’s Tavern and New Castle Farmers Market for special priced ($35) dinners and ($15) lunches. The New Castle Community Partnership, restaurants and businesses of Historic New Castle cordially invite you to join in this delicious week of can’t miss dining!  

Participating Restaurants for Dinner:  

Jessop’s Tavern 

Jessop’s Tavern is a staple when visiting Historic New Castle. The 300-year-old building that houses the tavern was originally built in 1674. It is where Abraham Jessop once lived and worked at his barrel making business. Over the years, this location went from residential housing to other businesses including The Green Frog Tavern in 1974. Standing the test of time, this building has become what we know today as Jessop’s Tavern. On the menu are classic tavern delicacies like Shepherd's pie, fish and chips and the classic meatloaf dinner while the bar serves well over 200 Belgian beers. Come hungry and leave completely stuffed as the portions also reflect those of olden days.  DTN - STL - Jessop's Tavern and Colonial Restaurant

The Mercury Cafe and Tea House 

While visiting their Delaware family back in 2019, Aaron and Dwayne, co-owners and partners, strolled through Historic New Castle and saw the William Penn House, previously Trader's Cove Café, was for sale. The couple managed to take a quick tour of the building and one pandemic later, on May 1, 2020, became the proud owners of a 300-year-old home. This historic building houses The Mercury Cafe and Tea House, a tea house, coffee window and their cafe which features 100% vegetarian items that can also be made vegan upon request. From Bavarian pretzels to pistachio ricotta cake for dessert, this little local haven is a can’t miss.  

Zollie's Jazz Cucina 

Zollie's Jazz Cucina is an exceptional culinary destination in Historic New Castle encompasses the vibrant tapestry of Afrocentric, West Indian, and Southern cuisines. With live music and events happening almost every day, it’s no wonder they a Restaurant Week must-experience spot. From their lamb curry to their rasta pasta shrimp alfredo, you can’t go wrong with a trip to this jazz kitchen.  

Nora Lee's French Quarter 

Enjoy New Orleans-inspired cuisine developed through years of culinary practice in various disciplines. The delish food is combined with an atmosphere that transports you from Historic New Castle straight to the French Quarter. Nora Lee’s creates an amazing dining experience for everyone who walks through their festive restaurant. With featured items like Voodoo crawfish, blackened alligator sausage, and some unique jambalayas, you’ll feel the good times roll right down Delaware Street!   


At Oaxaca, enjoy a culinary tour of Mexico! Experience the best of both worlds with a menu of modern and classic authentic dishes representing different Mexican states. Enjoy classics like taco salad or take on pollo ranchero if you’re feeling a bit hungrier. Whatever you decide, it’s bueno! 

Porto-fino Pizza and Restaurant 

Porto-fino, family-owned and operated since 1984, is a classic pizza shop perfect for a quick meal to go or to take a break and enjoy classic dishes like stuffed shells, fettuccine alfredo and chicken parm.

Historic New Castle

This charming Colonial town is steeped in history. Enjoy fine restaurants, fabulous museums and quaint shops. Stroll along the Delaware River.

Participating Restaurants for Lunch:  

AK Halal Bites 

AK Halal Bites serves Zabihah Halal cuisine. Every bite is a true reflection of quality and tradition. From carefully selected ingredients to meticulous preparation, they offer a dining experience that embraces the rich heritage of Halal cooking. 

Taqueria El Centenario  

Taqueria El Centenario, a classic Mexican take out restaurant brings classic Hispanic dishes to the plate. Think chilaquiles and tortas. It’s the perfect stop for a quick and delicious lunch on the go.  

New Castle Farmer's Market (Thursday - Sunday) 

With over 70 merchants and eateries, the New Castle Farmer’s Market is a wonderful stop when visiting New Castle, Delaware. Check out these restaurants participating in this year’s Restaurant Week.  

* Alex’s Seafood & Clam Bar  
* Los Jarritos 
* Mama Gina’s Pizza 
* Masala Kitchen 

Whether you’re visiting again or trying something new, Historic New Castle Restaurant Week is the perfect time to take your tastebuds on a culinary adventure. For specific Restaurant Week menus, please contact the individual restaurant or business.