Now that you have mastered the Zoom Meeting, whether it for work, family or friends, it’s time to impress with virtual Zoom backgrounds from Greater Wilmington & the Brandywine Valley. 

You’ll make others jealous when you’re Zooming from the beautiful, world-renowned Longwood Gardens or the Versailles inspired Nemours Estate. Prefer the great outdoors? We have that too. How about an amazing aerial from the Red Clay Scenic Byway or the Jack A Markell “JAM” Trail? There are 14 amazing Zoom backgrounds in all, offering beauty from the Brandywine Valley for everyone.

How to Change Your Zoom Background

Not sure how to change your Zoom background? That’s easy, just follow the instructions found here…   “How to change your Zoom background like everyone else is doing.”

How to Download

Click on any image below to download that background or access all the backgrounds here.

Your meetings will never look better. 

Wilmington & the Brandywine Valley Zoom Backgrounds

Caesar Rodney Statue

Grand Opera House Zoom Background

Riverfront Zoom Background

Longwood Zoom Background

Longwood Gardens Zoom Background

Nemours Zoom Background

Hagley Zoom Background

Hagley Zoom Background

Mt Cuba Zoom Background

Mt Cuba Zoom Background

Winterthur Zoom Background

Red Clay Scenic Byway Zoom Background

JAM Trail Bridge Zoom Background

Historic New Castle Zoom Background