Rockwood mansion located in North Wilmington, Delaware was built in 1851 as the retirement estate of Joseph Shipley. Upon his death, this 72-acre site was passed down in 1895 to his great-nephew Edward Bringhurst. The land has since been listed on the National Register of Historic Places allowing visitors to explore the gardens, wildlife and of course the historically, elegant mansion itself, still with Shipley’s touch represented in the Victorian home. Rockwood Park and Museum may have a haunting history but if you have ever visited this gothic mansion, you would know the beautiful scenery takes on a life of its own.

With acres of trails to travel through it seemed only fitting a brand-new Apothecary Garden honoring the legacy of the Bringhurst’s family and pharmacy, once located on Market Street in downtown Wilmington, Delaware, be added to the property. The new garden, which opened in November 2019, is located on the western end of the home and connects to all the garden paths surrounding the mansion. This is the first new garden feature the park has added since the dedication of the museum in 1976.

Apothecary Garden Rockwood Water

Rockwood’s Apothecary Garden is a sensory-friendly garden containing an incredible water feature, beautifully designed winding paths, and wonderfully serene spaces to take a break, sit and enjoy the nature for the beauty is. The garden also features habitats for birds and bees, and is home to local plants of all textures, colors, and scents. Paying tribute to the Bringhurst pharmacy; many of the garden’s plants have medicinal value which you can learn more about on your walkthrough. Each plant is kindly labeled with its medicinal and physical purpose. Be sure to take your time strolling through this wonderful new section of the park to truly capture the thought and effort put into this beautiful addition.  

Apothecary Entrance Rockwood     Apothecary Garden Signs Rockwood

The November 2019 dedication of the Apothecary Garden also marks the launch of brand-new Garden Tours taking place on the estate beginning in Spring of 2020. Be sure to add Rockwood Park & Museum to your Wilmington getaway itinerary!