As we begin to feel the chill in the air, the realization hits. The perfect season for ghost hunting has arrived. With Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley filled with as much history as it is, there’s no surprise it’s filled with haunts as well. Do you have what it takes to experience the paranormal in these Wilmington haunts? We dare you to #VisitWilm for a ghouling good time. 

1. Rockwood Park & Museum

Located in North Wilmington, just minutes from downtown, Rockwood Museum has been reported haunted. Throughout the years, visitors have experienced footsteps, cold spots, and the sounds of children playing through the night. Join the in-depth paranormal experience as seen on television's Ghost Hunters. Tours will take place throughout the season...should you dare! 

2. Fort Delaware

This famed Civil War fort, part of the Delaware State Parks system, located in the middle of the Delaware River is filled with history by day. But when the sun goes down the haunts come out. Once used as a prison camp for Confederate soldiers, Fort Delaware has long been investigated for its ghostly encounters with its former captives.  Are you willing to take a chance on this island of ghosts? 


3. Old Swedes Historic Site 

There aren’t many places worse than a haunted graveyard! Well… Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley has one that dates back to 1698, right outside Old Swedes Church, one of the country’s oldest churches. With over 300 years of history it’s bound to scare even the biggest sceptic. Stay for the nighttime Ghosts in the Graveyard tour to hear the stories of those buried there – many significant to local and national history. But watch out; they have wreaked havoc on visitors that have come before you.

4. Historic New Castle

This Colonial town on the banks of the Delaware River was once Delaware’s capital and the location where William Penn first landed in the New World. Today, this beautiful historic town that dating back to the 1600’s has become a paranormal adventure with its Haunting in History Tour. This walking tour takes guests through town to visit historic properties like the Amstel House telling stories of the ghosts that inhabit them - you don’t want to miss the story of the “Woman in Blue.”

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