New Castle County

Couple at Night Delaware Memorial Bridge Kevin FlemmingNew Castle County is the northern most of Delaware's three counties - the smallest in area, but the largest in population. 
The county occupies 494 square miles and has an approximate population of about 550,000 residents.

New Castle County sits in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic Region with Pennsylvania to the north, Maryland to the west, the Delaware River and New Jersey to the east, and Kent County, Delaware to the south. The county is rich in history as it is the home of early European settlements, a center of industry in the colonial era, home to three signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the first county in the 
State of Delaware.

New Castle County offers a perfect blend of metropolitan atmosphere and small town charm. The county is home to world-class MUSEUMSMANSIONS AND GARDENS, fabulous art and antique collections, a THRIVING ARTS AND THEATRE COMMUNITY, concert and jazz scene, gorgeous countryside, 
award-winning hotels and restaurants ... and it all can be enjoyed tax-free.