The summer of 2021 brought a new restaurant to Greater Wilmington, Delaware. Located just minutes from downtown on Route 202 the Snuff Mill Restaurant, Butchery and Wine Bar, has taken the area by storm. Enjoy high-quality, locally sourced ingredients in an intimate dining setting and then pop over to the shop with farm to table produced meats, cheeses and more, to take home!  

Check out some of the creative and mouthwatering masterpieces, you can order...  


After running his own successful personal chef and catering business, Robert Lhulier Cuisine, Chef is excited to take things to the next level. “Snuff Mill is one of the first restaurants in our area to open in a post-pandemic world. With the knowledge of how dining has drastically changed, we plan to double down on quality, service and hospitality.  Every employee will be able to tell you where your lettuces and herbs, ground beef and poultry, eggs or bread are sourced from, for beginners. Why does that matter? If the pandemic taught us anything, it's that we need to support small, independent operators. By doing so, you're also sustaining all the farmers, vendors, bakers, wineries and staff that will make up Snuff Mill Restaurant and Butchery." 

With partners Bill Irvin, David and Joanne Govatos, Snuff Mill Restaurant, Butchery and Wine Bar will be a marriage of creativity, industry knowledge and deep experience of operations and trends.