If you know anything about Jay Leno, you know he has a slight obsession with cars. His personal collection probably should belong to a Smithsonian or even better, our own Marshall Steam Museum. But did you know there’s one local Delawarean’s car collection that could rival  Mr. Leno’s?  

This local collection is partially stored in Goober’s Garage, a 100-year-old building that has been transformed into a neon-lit display case for the owner’s classic car collection. The garage lies directly next to Goober’s Diner - a two-story, 80-seat stainless-steel retro 50’s diner. Goober's Diner is a venture from Buckley's Tavern owners Tom Hannum and Vance Kershner, located off Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilmington serving classics like macaroni and cheese, burgers, and breakfast all day! They are also quickly becoming well-known for their donuts. Yes, you read that correctly, donuts!  

Kershner, owner of the classic cars, along with Hannum named the diner and garage after a character on the old "Andy Griffith Show." Although Goober's Garage will not be open regularly to the public, diner customers will be able to view the cars on special occasions.  

Be sure to hit up Goober’s next time you’re in town!