This week, the team came up with a challenge: “How about something for people traveling to Greater Wilmington on a budget? Let’s say with only $40 in their pocket. Where can they go throughout the day to eat in Wilmington for $40?” 

Don’t you think it’s possible? Well... (Cue Barney Stinson) ...Challenge accepted. 

A couple of notes: None of the prices below include tax, because hey, welcome to Delaware. And none of them include tips, but we’re sure you’ll treat your servers kindly! And this isn’t just about plowing through cheap calories. This is about getting the most authentic Delaware dining experience possible with just a couple of Jacksons in your pocket. 


Whether you’re staying downtown at the Sheraton Suites or along Wilmington’s Riverfront at the Westin Wilmington, Sterling Grille has been a fan favorite for all things breakfast for more than 60 years.  The Grille, located on Orange Street in downtown Wilmington, is known for its casual atmosphere and is a go-to for ordering omelets and homemade sausage gravy and biscuits.  

Western Omelet (served with home fries and toast): $7.25 
Coffee: $2.50  
Total: $9.75 



Now, after exploring the Riverfront area, stopping into the free Delaware Contemporary, and taking in some beautiful art at the Delaware Art Museum your appetite should bring you to Centreville Café. This quirky café is well-known for its Afternoon Tea but also has an amazing lunch menu. 

Daily Quiche (Served with potato chips): $10.00 
Iced Tea: $2.50 
Lunch Total: $12.50 
Total so far: $22.25 



Taking the afternoon to explore the numerous du Pont estates has surely taken a toll. And by now, your stomach is officially growling. Wherever will you go with less than $20 left in your pocket? BBC Tavern & Grill, just a hop, skip and jump from Winterthur Museum, is a local favorite. 

Baja Shrimp Tacos: $14.00 
Soda: $2.95 
Dinner Total: $16.95 
Total for the Day: $39.20


So... The challenge was accepted and completed! We told you it was possible...with a few cents to spare mind you. 

Now we challenge you to #VisitWilm and dine!