The challenge came down from the staff at #VisitWilm: How many Brandywine Valley Restaurant Week menus could I sample in one night?

I want to start here: This is not a recommended way to enjoy restaurant week. These $35 three-course dinners are a great value at any of these participating restaurants, and the menus they’re offering are uniformly great. Make a reservation, order some wine and enjoy someone’s company. Don’t drive around like a maniac stuffing your face. Leave that to the professionals who can’t say no to stupid office dares.

That said, this is what I sampled along a route that took me from Harry’s Seafood Grill to La Fia to Domaine Hudson to Piccolina Toscana to Buckley’s Tavern … with real-time updates on Instagram as I went.

Brandywine Valley Restaurant Week runs through Saturday, Sept. 16 – but all of these are good examples of what these restaurants run on a daily basis, so even if you miss the deal, you won’t miss our on dinner.


insider-tip-iconStop 1: Harry's Seafood


insider-tip-iconStop 2: Domaine Hudson


insider-tip-iconStop 3: La Fia Bistro


insider-tip-iconStop 4: Piccolina Toscana


insider-tip-iconStop 5: Buckley's Tavern