One of the area’s top kid-friendly museums has made a triumphant return after a nearly two-year renovation - you might even call it a metamorphosis. The Delaware Museum of Natural History has become the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science. This grand redesign includes changes like updating original 1972 diorama exhibits to user-friendly interactive exhibits, enticing even the littlest visitor to play along, and hopefully build a lifelong curiosity of the natural world that surrounds them.

Regional Journey

Delaware Museum of Nature and Science - Regional Journey


The Regional Journey is one of the major new areas added to the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science. This area allows guests to stroll across a giant floor map of the First State exploring deciduous and mixed forests, the Bald Cypress Swamp, a saltmarsh, dunes and the Delaware Bay. Designated areas such as the Fair Play Foundation Field Station and the DuPont Research Headquarters provide an opportunity to learn what is happening in our region and beyond. When walking through the Regional Journey exhibit, don't forget to look up… there are an abundance of trees high in the sky representing the different types of trees that grow here in Delaware. Many of the exhibits are located in and around the trees so that guests of all sizes can explore and have fun!

Global Journey

Delaware Museum of Nature and Science - Global Journey


This area is dedicated to exploring ecosystems from around the globe. It focuses on three land ecosystems: the Arctic Tundra, the African Savanna, and the Tropical rainforest. There is also an ocean exhibit that focuses on shallow, midwater, and deep ocean environments to help demonstrate the diversity of life on the planet. Be sure to look high, low and in the glass cases… you never know what creatures you’ll find in the different areas along the Journey. 


Delaware Museum of Nature and Science - Paleozone


When we think Delaware Natural History Museum… it's almost instinct that a dinosaur replica pops into your head. Well, the newly designated Paleozone inside the Delaware Museum of Nature and Science Museum had to do one, maybe two, better.  This area features skeletons of three massive creatures that once called the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States their home during the Cretaceous Period. One skeleton is the Dryptosaurus dinosaur, a fearsome creature related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Another skeleton is the flying “bat lizard” Nyctosaur, and the final creature is the aquatic giant, the Mosasaur. These skeletons sit alongside other (smaller) Cretaceous specimens in the Paleozone. 

Skylight Atrium

Delaware Museum of Nature and Science - Tree of Life


The Skylight Atrium, a welcome addition to the start of your visit to the Museum, is home to a visual representation of the Tree of Life. The tree depicts the evolution and relationships of more than 1.6 million species on Earth.

Discovery Gallery

The Discovery Gallery is used to offer rotating exhibits where guests can get even more hands-on. The opening exhibits include Delaware Mineralogical Society, First State Robotics and the University of Delaware, along with the museum’s Collections & Research Division.

A Returning Favorite:

Coral Reef
Delaware Museum of Nature and Science - Coral Reef

Arguably, the museum’s most popular attraction, and frequently requested to stay during renovations, is back with the reopening! Designed after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the coral glass display has since been updated with more vibrant colors and refurbished elements to continue to excite and intrigue its guests. with its wide variety of corals and animals that make up the coral reefs, it’s no wonder everyone stops and stares down through the floor.

And as if the Museum itself wasn’t enough… there are even more new amenities to make every visit that much better…

A major goal with the reimagination and metamorphosis of the museum was to truly listen to their visitors and assist in any way they can. One featured area asked for was a place to rest, relax, recharge so, the Museum created a Café specifically for that! Offering pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, and snacks from Jamestown Catering, along with coffee, water, and other beverages - there is even a bottle warmer for the littlest of visitors. 

Another new amenity is the Delaware Community Foundation Respite Room, which is a dedicated calming space. This calming space can be used by visitors with sensory challenges and developmental disorders so that they can take a break and recharge. This area can also be used by nursing parents as a quiet and private place. Other amenities include new lighting and sound systems, fire alarms and a fire suppression system. New paving, an HVAC system, refreshed meeting, event, and temporary exhibit spaces, along with renovated restrooms. 

With countless new additions and interactive features among every turn, and the added ease of amenities made to create an even more enjoyable experience for everyone, this is a reopening you won’t want to miss.

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