Embark on a journey through the artistic tapestry of James E. Newton that will be on display beginning January 27. This celebration of a true polymath—painter, printmaker, educator, and advocate for African American history and art—promises an enriching experience across three prestigious Delaware venues: Delaware Art Museum, University of Delaware’s Mechanical Hall Gallery, and University of Delaware’s Morris Library. 

A beacon in the Delaware arts community, James E. Newton's legacy unfolds in these exhibitions, offering a glimpse into his profound impact on various creative realms. From his pivotal role in establishing University of Delaware's Black American Studies program to his contributions to the Mitchell Center for African American Heritage, Newton's influence as an educator and community leader is nothing short of inspiring. 

“It is an honor to join in the celebration of Dr. Newton’s legacy and the many ways his spirit shaped the artistic landscape of Delaware,” said Margaret Winslow, chief curator and curator of contemporary art at the Delaware Art Museum. “DelArt is thrilled to be closely collaborating with the University of Delaware to acknowledge this important artist.” 

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In a landmark collaboration, the Delaware Art Museum and the University of Delaware joined forces to increase awareness and accessibility to visual arts. In spring 2023, a significant step was taken with the signing of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding. This agreement outlines key principles for both institutions, paving the way for deeper collaboration to enrich student opportunities, broaden exhibition and collection partnerships, intensify community engagement, and elevate public awareness of their cultural offerings, to bring the programs like this to Delaware residents and visitors.   

Expect engaging events including curator discussions, informative lectures, and captivating poetry readings and more through this partnership, including the James E. Newtown exhibitions. 

To learn more about the James E. Newtown exhibitions, please check out the details below: 

The Artistic Legacy of James E. Newton: Poetic Root 
When: January 27 – May 19, 2024 
Location: Delaware Art Museum 

Cost: Free after admission; tickets available at delart.org 
Learn More: delart.org/event/james-e-newton/ 

Explore Newton's early works, such as his journey from a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill to a pioneering artist studying abstraction and figuration. Dive into vibrant compositions that explore the realms of social justice and American history, encouraging visitors to reflect on these profound themes. 

The Artistic Legacy of James E. Newton: Heritage and Character Portraits 
When: February 6 – May 16, 2024 
Location: Mechanical Hall Gallery, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 

Cost: Free 
Learn More: https://exhibitions.lib.udel.edu/artistic-legacy-james-e-newton-heritage-character-portraits/ 

Discover the humor and history woven into Newton's artistic process. This exhibition offers an intimate look at Newton's drawings, collages, and prints, showcasing the myriad faces—from jazz musicians to animals—depicting character and personality.  

The Artistic Legacy of James E. Newton: The Archival Record 
When: February 6 – August 23, 2024 
Location: Morris Library, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 

Cost: Free 
Learn More: https://exhibitions.lib.udel.edu/artistic-legacy-james-e-newton-the-archival-record/ 

Uncover the multifaceted life of James E. Newton. Through artwork, photographs, articles, and more from Newton's papers at the UD Library, Museums, and Press, gain insights into his artistic output, educational endeavors, and commitment to collecting and sharing Black history. 

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