Keryn Means from recently visited Wilmington & the Brandywine Valley, in this blog she gives us more reasons to head to Longwood Gardens

The sun was setting and we were in our seats. We had purposely stayed extra-long at Longwood Gardens for this moment, and I was bouncing in my seat. My children weren’t even with me, but I was excited. You see, I was finally getting to see the Illuminated Fountain Show, an attraction that had been renovated and revived in 2017, but I had yet to experience.


If you have never been to Longwood Gardens, just 25 minutes outside of Wilmington DE, you have missed the magic of one of the country’s premiere gardens. This is a special spot for many of us who grew up in Philadelphia and the mid-Atlantic region. Many kids went during the holidays or as a special outing in the spring or summer months to see the gardens in bloom. Only members got to go regularly; the rest of us only visited once or twice as kids if our parents could afford it.

When I was younger, Longwood Gardens was a mythical land, one I only experienced less than a handful of times. For my husband, who grew up 20 minutes down the road, it was a yearly tradition. His parents performed there as area musicians, his sister met her husband there while he was in school.

As an adult, it has begun to weave its magic on my own little family. I insist on visiting every Christmas Eve. We don’t have many traditions as we are usually running from one relative’s house to the next. This is one we can stick with though as it is between houses. My boys can see the Christmas lights and Conservatory dressed up. It brings a little magic to the holiday season.

Longwood Gardens is part of our family, as it is many families, but it all started with the du Pont family, back in the early 1900s.