Jettin' across the Atlantic or Pacific to parts unknown certainly has its appeal (just ask the late and great Anthony Bourdain) but to discount destinations within our own borders would be to a disservice to America, the beautiful, America, the vast, America, the plenty ... of places to go. And sure, there's the obvious big three: New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. BOOM: huge metropolises! Yes, they're definitely worth going go to — you could spend a year in each and still not scratch the surface of things to do, people to see, cuisine to try. Big cities are almost daunting, in a way. This article is not about big cities. It's about small cities. Towns you can spend a weekend in and feel like you really nabbed a taste for what it's about (a perk of small cities: much more conquerable and usually more charming!) And since June is prime-time for daydreaming and goal-setting about what the summer ahead may bring, it's high time to highlight a few of our favorite U.S. small cities that are certainly worth a visit if you haven't been. (And if you have? Great! They're worth another trip.) So request those vacation days now and get to planning. Here's three small-town American cities to check off your list in summer 2019 — and why we love them so much. Happy traveling!

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