Looking for local dining during your #VisitWilm getaway?   

Truth be told, if you're a good and successful restaurant in Greater Wilmington, it's because you're a place where the locals eat! There are certainly a few enclaves of great eating that are off the usual tourist path. So, if you’re looking for a home away from home, mom and pop shop feel for your next meal... check out these five places not to miss next time you’re in Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley.  

1. Washington Street Ale House  

The Washington Street Ale House, located in downtown Wilmington, is a local eatery best known for its extensive microbrew menu.  Whether you choose to sit at the bar and watch the game or cozy up in a booth with friends, the service and atmosphere at the “Ale House” is one the locals truly love.  

A local’s top menu item... “Oh, it would have to be the nachos... you won’t regret it. Get the nachos with their chili!”  

2. Rosenfeld's Delicatessen 

Just down the road from Ale House lies Rosenfeld's Delicatessen, a local spot perfect for lunch. This local spot is a traditional kosher-style, full-service Jewish deli open year-round. From Kugel to Matzo Ball soup, this deli surely won’t treat you like Chopped Liver. (But they do have that as a menu option too!)  

A local’s top menu item...” Hands down... The Matzo Ball Soup, for sure!”  

3. Bellefonte Café  

The Bellefonte Café, a hidden gem in the town of Bellefonte, is loaded with charm, live music and delicious dishes. With a variety of menu choices including angus burgers and vegan stuffed hummus avocado, it’s a great lunch or dinner spot for all in your party.  If you’re visiting in the warmer weather months opt for patio seating on their wrap around porch for that home-y feel.  

A local’s tip... “Check out Bellefonte for brunch! They typically have live music. Just make sure you try to reserve a table ahead of time. It can get busy depending on the weekend.” 

4. Cajun Kate’s  

Off Philadelphia Pike lies Cajun Kate’s, a local’s favorite for “N’awlins” style specialties. The eatery’s recipes for jambalaya, red beans and rice, and special gumbos are sure to please anyone who’s ever eaten in the Big Easy, or anyone who’d like to.  

A local’s hint...” Be sure to check their Facebook page or website for that week’s specials.”  

5. Nora Lee’s French Quarter Bistro 

In sticking with the New Orleans theme, in the historic neighborhood of New Castle, Delaware lives Nora Lee’s French Quarter Bistro. If you’ve ever had the urge to try alligator, then Nora Lee’s is the place for you. The Cajun cuisine and colorful atmosphere will transport you from historic vibes to the French Quarter in the blink of an eye. 

A local’s top menu item... “Andouille Meatloaf for dinner, with an extra side of hush puppies!” 
Whether you try one or try them all during your next getaway to Greater Wilmington, you’ll always feel at home when you explore off the beaten path.