Breweries & Wineries in Wilmington, Delaware

As the proud home of Dogfish Head Brewery, Delaware has been at the forefront of the craft beer renaissance for more than a decade, with a thirst for innovation that has never been quenched. IRON HILL BREWERY'S original location still packs in crowds at happy hour on Main Street in Newark, and TWIN LAKES BREWERY in Newport, Delaware produces fresh, local beers that can be found on many local taps.

But while we celebrate the humble hops, we never forget the exalted grape. The entrances to two wine trails of the VINTAGE ATLANTIC WINE REGION lie right on Wilmington's doorstep. THE BRANDYWINE WINE TRAIL runs to the north, along the Pennsylvania/Delaware border, while the TWO BRIDGES WINE TRAIL begins to the east, just on the other side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Visit on the quiet weekends of the spring or during the busy harvest weekends of the fall, and either way, you're bound to bring a bottle home.

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