Few things are more identifiably American than turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Put it on a roll, and you've got Delaware's favorite sub, the CAPRIOTTI'S Bobbie, winner of the Greatest Sandwich in America poll on and world champion in the Washington Post's World Cup of Sandwiches tournament.

We're proud of our Bobbie.

But we're also proud of the other American classics you can dine on while visiting the Brandywine Valley, from the scrapple sandwiches at HELEN'S SAUSAGE HOUSE to the new American cuisine at celebrated restaurants like DOMAINE HUDSONHARRY'S SAVOY GRILL and LA FIA BAKERY, MARKET AND BISTRO. And we've got both a homegrown burger place (JAKE'S WAYBACK) and a homegrown brewery (IRON HILL) that both got their start in the First State before spreading across the other 49.

And there are few things more American than that.

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