Delaware Geocaching Trail

iPhone GeocachingAll through Delaware's three counties, you'll find historical, agricultural, cultural and scenic treasures - and caches hidden just out of view, invisible to anyone who doesn't know where to look.

Along the Delaware Geocaching Trail, you can search for these caches using GPS technology while discovering the First State. It is a fun way to add excitement to a scenic drive or pleasure hike with family and friends.

Seek the caches, and you will discover the early 19th-century architecture of the churches and homes in New Castle County. You will learn about the early Native American tribes that settled along the rivers and bays in Sussex County. You will walk in the footsteps of the first defenders of our state and country on the capital streets of Kent County. The trail will also take you on a journey through Delaware's beautiful state parks.

Enjoy your quest!  Complete the trail and receive a limited edition commemorative coin.