Art & Antiques

WinterthurLovers of arts and antiques may want to start the day with a walk on the Wilmington Riverfront (grab some coffee at the Riverfront Market) and a visit to the always-free The Delaware Center Contemporary, visit the collection at the Delaware Art Museum before stopping for lunch in nearby Trolley Square, the city’s nightlife district that also comes alive at lunch, with sandwich shops, great pizza, gourmet burritos and good options for vegetarians and vegans.

After lunch, head north on Route 52 out of the city to Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library. From there, continue north on Route 52 to Pennsylvania, and make a right onto Route 1 East to get to the Brandywine River Museum of Art. (Yes, there are faster ways to get from Point A to Point B, but don’t let your GPS guide you. This is the route through Centreville and Mendenhall that will take you right past the antique shops you want to stop at.)