enchanted woodsSummer vacation is here and it's time to grab your passport-no, not the one with stamps from spring breaks of yesteryear and the bad hair day photo. If you haven't already, it's time to get your Brandywine Valley Treasure Trail Passport and take advantage of several of the attractions the area has to offer.

Famous for its idyllic landscape and rolling hills, the Brandywine Valley is one of America's most scenic byways and treats tourists to a journey paved with the rich history of the legendary duPont family, sprawling estates and gardens, captivating museums and historical sites. The Valley and its unrivaled concentration of attractions have something for everyone-families, couples and singles alike will delight in hitting the Treasure Trail.

Delaware Art Museum - Howard Pyle - Flying DutchmanMuch less expensive than, say, amusement park tickets, a passport for a family of two adults and up to three children costs $75 (single adult tickets are $35) and grants one-time admission to each of the top 11 Brandywine Valley museums and gardens. Whether you fancy a stroll through the Enchanted Woods children's garden at Winterthur Museum or want to channel your inner art critic at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, the Brandywine Valley Treasure Trail Passport is the key to unlocking exciting adventures this summer.

*The Brandywine Valley Treasure Trail Passport is valid until September 2, 2013 and grants one-time admission to the following:

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