Hagley Car ShowMotor vehicle enthusiasts can witness Wilmington's drive this September by stopping in at the acclaimed Hagley Car Show where more than 500 antique cars will be making a swoon worthy appearance. This year's theme is family cars, but there will be no shortage of Hot Rods sprawled across the lawn of the Hagley Museum. What better place to showcase horsepower and history than on the grounds of a 235-acre historical facility?

This year's festival will be a visually enticing, virtually interactive experience fueled by go kart racing, a NASCAR simulator and a jukebox blaring sounds of the summer.

Getting to the Hagley Car Show

The Hagley Car Show will be taking place just off of Route 141 in Wilmington, Delaware. Registration is just a click away, and preadmission wristbands can be purchased for between eight and ten dollars. Children's admission is 50% off the adult price and Hagley members (along with children under five) can enjoy free admission to the delightful motor vehicle parade and extravaganza.

In addition to all of the attractions of the event itself, car show participants who register antique vehicle will also receive:

  • Free admission to the Hagley Museum for the year
  • Free and/or discounted admission to other riveting Hagley events
  • Free admission to 250 other science museums in an outside of the Delaware
  • VIP invites to members only receptions
  • Four guest passes & so much more

Hagley CAr ShowWhether you plan to rev up and register your antique vehicle or you'd simply like to peruse the cars already on display, the promise of a good time for car lovers far and wide is already in the air. Getting to the Hagley Car Show from up North is simply a matter of taking 95 S. to DE 141 N., hopping off at exit 5, merging onto Centerville Road and following signs towards the Hagley Museum's main entrance. 95 N. will take you in the direction of Wilmington if you are traveling from the south. You will also merge onto DE 141 N. via exit 5, travel over Centerville Road and seek out signs for the Hagley Museum.

Hagley Car Show attendees can enjoy a full day of classic car appreciation along with a free day of show admission to the DuPont family home and garden. Vehicles will remain on display from 10 AM to 4 PM and the Hagley Car Show parade will take place rain or shine. Attendees are urged to carry cash, wear comfortable shoes and park any nonregistered cars off-premise in order to ensure safety and a good time had by all.

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