Rodney Square Farmers MarketI look forward each year to the Wilmington Farmers Market held at Rodney Square. It reminds me that Wilmington has so much more to offer than folks give it credit. Every Wednesday, I set out to grab lunch and always have a tough time deciding which vendor to visit. One of my favorites is the Fish Tacos by Koi On The Go. You know they are good because there is always a line for them. I usually meet a friend there and we can eat our lunch at tables they have set up in the Square.

Once we finish our lunch we always take another walk around the Farmers Market to make sure we didn't miss anything. We almost always grab a sweet treat for later from Papa's Pastries.

rodney-square-february-2014My favorite part about the Wilmington Farmers Market in Rodney Square is the variety of foods they offer and the pleasant company you encounter from fellow Market-goers. The vendors are also so appreciative of your business and each one offers service with a smile.

The Wilmington Farmers Market offers me the opportunity to see the city from a different vantage point and appreciate all that it has to offer. From the DuPont Theatre to the Wilmington Institute Library; I am reminded each time of how much Wilmington has to offer and how I should take more advantage of its offerings.

Sara Garnett
Director of Sales
Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau