One of my favorite parts of my job is having the opportunity to share in the excitement of folks who have experienced our area and have walked away shaking their heads saying, "Greater Wilmington, DE & the Brandywine Valley?! Who knew?!"

As the Web Manager, I am privileged to be able to showcase our fabulous area using fantastic images, interactive maps, current news, upcoming events and more! People often call and say, "I love your website! I didn't realize how much there is to do!"

Often times, I prefer promoting our members by posting testimonials from satisfied visitors. I'm proud of Greater Wilmington & the Brandywine Valley. I'm fortunate to call it home. I also believe in third party endorsements and I find great pleasure in knowing others have enjoyed "my" backyard and the businesses that make it so wonderful! This particular testimonial is my new favorite:

Dear Esther,

The North Carolina Questers wish to thank you and all the wonderful people with whom we came in contact during our trip to the Brandywine Valley September 13 -- 16, 2010. Working with you ensured that our time in Delaware was used to the optimum so that our goals as Questers were best met. The program with the Delaware Express coach company allowed us to make the trip affordable for our group. It also lessened preparation time for the trip as we didn't have to worry about directions for the bus driver since he was local to your area and knew exactly where to go and what to do once we arrived. The tie-in with Delaware hotels, that helped defray the cost of bus transportation, was vital in making our trip possible.

Most of us traveling to Delaware had never visited your State before. Some of us had traveled through it or landed at the airport, but few of us had actually spent any time exploring and visiting the marvelous places your State has to offer. We all came away with a new appreciation of Delaware and the gorgeous Brandywine Valley! We all kept exclaiming to one another "Who knew?!!"

Just as impressive as all the various places in Delaware, were the wonderful people of your State! Everywhere we went we were greeted with smiles and warmth -- with residents, docents and business owners who wanted us to know about their State and feel welcome while we were there. We all came home to North Carolina as new "missionaries" for Delaware!

Our trip was a wonderful success and we appreciate your effort on our behalf to make it so. Please thank the Wrights for the tour of their fascinating home, Mike Connally and Susan Richman at Historic New Castle, the wonderful staff at Winterthur, Prince Johnson, Mike Majewski (Brandywine Prime), and most especially Gerry Frenz at Delaware Express and Amanda Amenti at the Doubletree Hotel for everything they did to work so easily and efficiently with us during the planning and execution of our trip. You all are quite a marvelous team!

Warmest regards,
Robin Gildersleeve
Vice President NC Questers

How sweet is that???!!!
Who knew?!!! I did. Do you?