Summer is festival season in Wilmington, Delaware and the surrounding Brandywine Valley. While you're guaranteed to find a wide assortment of fests at the brink of the season, some are more visit-worthy than others. With this thought in mind, we've compiled a list of events/festivals so you'll know exactly what's hot in Wilmington this June:

Hot Happening #1: St. Anthony's Italian Festival

Abruzzo, Italy is one of the country's most famous regions mainly because of the delicious food associated with the area. The St. Anthony's Italian Festival, which takes place on Dupont St. in Wilmington this June, is a celebration of the beloved region of Abruzzo. Ticket holders can start enjoying eight days of Italian exploration (and delicacies) starting June 7th.

Why It's Hot

It's easy to begin a love affair with summer if you kick it off by taking a virtual tour of Italy, tracing the footsteps of Italian pioneers and dining in enchanting outdoor eateries along the way. Plus, with four stages on hand for the fest, there will no doubt be music in the air.

Hot Happening #2: The Wilmington Greek Festival

Yet another cultural occasion hits the city in early June - this time, to celebrate unique Greek Orthodox traditions. Festival goers can enjoy five days of Greek Orthodox food, music and dance starting June 2nd and ending June 6th.

Why This Event is a Must-See

The Holy Trinity Greek Festival has been a treasured tradition for an amazing 40 years and its popularity just continues to skyrocket. Have we mentioned that admission is FREE for all who attend?

Hot Happening #3: DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival

The DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival is yet another popular tribute to a late Wilmington native musician. For the past 25 years, the city has showcased a phenomenal multiday marathon of jazz in honor of the city's own Clifford Brown, a talented jazz player who left millions of heartbroken fans behind when he passed away all too soon in a tragic car accident. From June 13-20, Wilmington visitors can take in the sounds of a celebratory city for free.

Why It's On Our Hot List

The DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival is more than just a musical tribute to a legend from Delaware's past; it's also proof of the resilience of the nation's first state - an outright example of how one city can turn tragedy to unity. Additionally, it happens to be the biggest free jazz festival on the entire East Coast.

Last But Not Least On Our List of Hot Happenings:
The New Castle County Ice Cream Festival at Rockwood

What could be cooler on a hot summer day than endless scoops of ice cream in Rockwood Park? June 27-28 marks the start of what USA Today has referred to as one of the top ten food fests. Located at 4651 Washington St. Extension in Wilmington, Delaware, parking and shuttle buses are available from Merchant's Square, Mt. Pleasant High School and Rockwood Office Park.

Start Your Summer in the Nation's First State

Get a taste of Italian, a touch of Greek, an earful of jazz, a scoop of ice cream and so much more by starting your summer right here in Wilmington, Delaware.