Line of BeerWilmington, Delaware is a wonderful place to live and if you're a beer enthusiast, you'll really want to consider a visit. Wilmington is celebrating beer again this summer with many exhilarating chug fests guaranteed to take your mind far from the office and back into the spirit of love, life and delicious brews. The July calendar firmly marks the start of yet another beer inspired season and beer dinners consisting of five or more courses are all the rage. Unwinding in the summer heat with friends and loved ones can only get better with an icy cold draft on-hand and a mouthful of Delaware's finest taproom cuisine.

What's on the Menu

Chelsea's Tavern is scheduled to kick off July with their beer dinner which includes 6 courses and 6 brews for just $66. Hungry Delawareans can dive right into a brew and breakfast, a brew with brunch, an IPA and a BLT, not to mention dinner, dessert and an afternoon snack. Their incredibly crafty beer selections include:

  • JavaHead Stout
  • DreamWeaver Wheat
  • Scratch #145
  • Sunshine Pils
  • Hopback Amber
  • LaGrave

The Chelsea's Tavern Troegg's Beer Dinner
will launch on Saturday, July 12th and reservations are required. Chelsea's Tavern is located at 821 North Market Street, just a hop, skip and jump away from the Residences at Rodney Square and the heart of Downtown Wilmington.

Beer and CalamariIf a beer and a barbeque under the stars is your idea of a good time, Ernest & Scott Taproom is hosting a five course block party style barbeque extravaganza complete with craft beer, bourbon, hot Taproom girls and smoking cigars. The event, entitled Cigars Under the Stars is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 24th and interested parties are encouraged to reserve a table and an ashtray. The cover charge is $60 plus additional gratuity. Ernest & Scott Taproom can be found at 902 N. Market St., walking distance from Justison Landing, Christina Landing and Rodney Square.

Over at World Cafe Live at the Queen Theatre, they've taken two American favorites and paired them together - grilled cheese and craft beer. These are not your ordinary grilled cheese, World Cafe uses only the best quality locally sourced ingredients for these creations. As for the beer, they shop the globe to bring in amazing local brews as well as hard to find imports from around the world. How does a Yards Saison paired with Old Bay cheddar on brioche, with a mini crab cake sound? Or maybe an Italian Cacio de Lazio on Herbes de Provence bread with tomato & kalamata olive puree along with New Holland Brewing's Golden Cap Saison Ale?

You can enjoy these pairings about once a month, but plan ahead, tickets sell quickly.

It's Always Happy Hour in Wilmington

Wilmington and beer maintain a relationship that dates back to the first settlers of this great nation. That might be why there's always something brewing in the city. From Wilmington Beer Week to the abundance of available crafts and classics, this city is known for knowing how to party. Even the mayor has hosted a citywide toast to the celebration of ale as we know it.

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