March is a unique, transitional month in the beautiful city of Wilmington. It's a time when the excitement of Valentine's Day dies down and all that's left are the fires of genuine romance. It's a time when the frost of winter coexists with the crisp cool of a promised spring.

Celebrate the diversity of changing seasons, the inspiration of flowers in bloom, the excitement of underwater worlds and the explosion of color on canvas in Wilmington at these riveting March events picked fresh from the upcoming calendar when you visit Wilmington in March 2015.

Pick 1: Winterthur Museum, Library & Garden: A Colorful Folk: Pennsylvania Germans & the Art of Everyday Life

The Particulars About this Pick

"A Colorful Folk: Pennsylvania Germans & the Art of Everyday Life" is a showcasing of archeology that delves deep into the world of the Pennsylvania Germans, putting more than 125 found objects that date back two (or more) centuries at your fingertips. March 1st marks the onset of the exhibition which will remain on display from then until early January 2016. This exhibit is available at no additional cost for Winterthur Museum visitors and is actually an extension of Philadelphia Pennsylvania German exhibits scheduled to open up to the public between February and July.

Why This Pick is a Can't Miss

The Pennsylvania Germans had quite the knack for needlepoint. Artifacts uncovered that are related to this ethnic group tend to be extraordinarily colorful and heavily embellished, especially when compared to other works dating back to that same era. If you find yourself mystified by the Colorful Folk exhibit, you can head over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and/or the Philadelphia Free Library to learn even more. You can also attend the Pennsylvania German conference at the Winterthur Museum sometime between March 5th and 8th. The Art of Everyday Life Exhibit is a great collection to peruse if you have an avid interest in art, history, archeology, the innovation of textiles, the progression of tools and techniques or all of the above.

Pick 2: Longwood Gardens: Orchid Extravaganza

The Particulars About this Pick

5,000 orchids artistically arranged light up Longwood Garden's four acre conservatory in a delightfully enticing display. March marks the final month of the Longwood Gardens Orchid Extravaganza. Incidentally, March is also the month of the sky blue poppy, an incredibly rare floral exhibit that sets beside the orchids just one month per year.

Why This Pick is a Can't Miss

No matter the weather outside, nothing says spring like endless fields of fresh flowers, plus the kiddies will love participating in OrKid Days, the family friendly discovery exhibit geared toward tiny tots who enter during Orchid season.

Pick 3: Delaware Children's Museum: Touch Tank Aquarium

Master the mystery of the underwater realm or at least let your children break the surface by attending the all new Touch Tank Aquarium, an interactive exhibit featuring a wide variety of marine invertebrates guaranteed to keep your children's attention for hours and hours on end.

Why You Have to Make it out to the Touch Tank Aquarium this March

The Touch Tank Aquarium adds a nautical twist to the classic idea of interactive exhibits. Imagine the magic of the Please Touch Museum combined with the excitement of a trip to the aquarium. Additionally, the Delaware Children's Museum is already a hit destination for tiny tots and the Touch Tank Aquarium is just one of their many interactive features.

Bonus --- There's Always At Least One More Reason to Visit Wilmington

Interested in the origins of the Du Pont company and how the famed family lived during their early days in America? If so, one more pleasant surprise is headed your way. From now until March 13th, Wilmington guests and residents alike can enjoy free admission into the Hagley Museum & Library.

March in Wilmington, Delaware is a diverse month indeed. Embrace the change in season by witnessing the transition of a people, learning the elements of sea animals, walking through a field of flowers or all of the above by checking out these Top 2015 March Events. View the full Wilmington Events Calendar here.