Pick 1: "Because of Winn-Dixie" A New Musical

The Specifics About This Top Pick

An award-winning children's novel turned screenplay hits the Delaware Theatre Company stage on April 8th. The heartwarming story of a friendship between a young girl and her dog Winn-Dixie comes to life via this all new, soon to be Broadway piece which will be featured for the entirety of April and into the beginning of May. Tickets are mid-priced at approximately $45 per person. Order your tickets here.

Why It's On Our Hot List

Not only is Winn Dixie a Broadway-bound masterpiece based on an award-winning Kate DeCamillo novel, it's also the first renowned theatrical work to feature a dog as the main character. Winn Dixie is pet lover history in the making.

Pick 2: Green Day's "American Idiot"

The Specifics About This Top Pick

Enter the era of the rock musical. Green Day's "American Idiot" will grace the stage of Delaware's Off Broadway City Theatre Company, mid-April. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door and group rates may be available for you and your loved ones as well.

Why This Rock Show Tops Our Hot List

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Green Day's offbeat, punk approach to social and political agendas combined with their melodic, catchy tunes and disaffected disposition has put them in the ranks of other iconic super groups like The Beatles. After selling a surplus of approximately 75 million albums worldwide, Green Day was deemed one of the "best-selling bands of all time."

Bonus - Visiting Delaware is a great way to catch award-winning shows that are either on their way to Broadway like "Because of Winn-Dixie" or on their way off Broadway like "American Idiot." While quite different at first glance, they share a common tie in the form of award-winning music - Tony winner Duncan Sheik and "Legally Blonde" Tony award nominee Nell Benjamin are part of Winn Dixie's production team and Grammy-award winning band Green Day is responsible for the popularity of a multitude of hit singles.

Pick 3: Celebrity Chef's Brunch

The Specifics About This Top Pick

On April 19th in Wilmington, Meals on Wheels Delaware proudly presents The Celebrity Chef's Brunch.

Why It's a Hot Pick

These scrumptious dishes are being made available to the public courtesy of not one dozen, but two dozen critically acclaimed chefs who travel across the globe to showcase their skills and titillate your taste buds. Among the most mentionable chefs are:

- "Top Chef: New Orleans" winner Nicholas Elmi

- "The Amazing Race" winners The Beekman Boys

- "Top Chef: Boston" contestant Joy Crump

Pick 4: WilmFilm Festival

The Specifics About this Top Pick

From April 23rd through April 26th, Wilmington's Penn Cinema on the Riverfront will feature "Movies You Missed and Movies that Matter."

This Event is a Must See If You...

are passionate about indie films, documentaries and film fests in general.

Entertainment is behind each door in Wilmington this April. As an added bonus, spring flowers line the streets along each path. So whether you choose to rock out or eat in, whether your pleasure is Indie or Broadway, a day in Wilmington this April is sure to be well spent.

Photo: BroadwayWorld.com