Happy New Year!  Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season.

It can be very hard to get back into the swing of things but I must tell you I just experienced the best dose of feel good.  While standing in line at Scott's Café in our building - I met the brightest and cutest 5 year-old boy. He has a cold and I am finishing up a cold.  But he was so adorable.  Could not make up his mind regarding what he wanted.  Mommy said no to the candy.  He then went straight over to the Herr's chips and recalled a field trip his class had gone to Herr's Factory Tour.  I chimed in and asked, "Did you meet Chipper?"  He said yes and it was a great field trip.  Lots of chips to eat!  Our conversation continued - as I told him that I would be seeing Chipper next week. He then told me that he has been on field trips to Longwood Gardens and saw lots of flowers and a summer camp at Winterthur.  It was at Winterthur where he got to feed the fish and see the BIG garden.  He then said that he remembered who lived there - Henry duPont.  WOW!

What an inspiring chat in line.  This is our future for tourism.