If you want to experience true paranormal activity this weekend then skip the movie theatre and come to Greater Wilmington DE!  It's no secret that people have long been fascinated with the supernatural but there seems to be a resurgence of interest with the success of the Paranormal Activity franchise as well as shows like "The Ghost Hunters." So, instead of living vicariously through the daredevils you see on the screen come to Northern Delaware and experience it for yourself. The area is filled with many truly haunted locales and this weekend some of them are opening their doors for guided ghost tours at very affordable prices. Here are just a few of the attractions offering these tours and the ghost stories behind each one...so you know what you're getting yourself into:

1.       Amstel House in Old New Castle (Visit Website)

You don't even have to enter this place to have a close encounter. For years locals and visitors alike have reported seeing a lady dressed in blue standing inAmstel2 the windows.  Many believe this to be Elizabeth who lost her infant child in the house and died soon after. During guided tours you can see her husband's mourning ring which is inscribed with,  "I mourn thy virtue lost to me." Pretty creepy stuff here. Tours are filling up fast so visit their website now!

 2.       David Finney Inn in Old New Castle (Visit Website)

This haunting dates back to 1685 when people began hearingDavidFinney the windows on the second floor rattling when there was no one upstairs and the wind was calm. Many also reported an apparition that appeared next to the coffee machine in the old dining room which is now the Chef's Table Restaurant (and you think YOU love coffee...).

 3.       Bellevue Hall (Visit Website)

The mansion, which was bought by William H. DuPont andBellevue turned into a replica of James Madison's home, has a long history of paranormal activity almost all of which reportedly occurs on the second and third floors. Here people have reported doors slamming, chairs sliding across the floor and disembodied laughter and screaming. We took a tour through the house during the day when we held one of our staff retreats at the mansion and there is definitely something unnerving about the upper floors...

 4.       Fort Delaware State Park (Visit Website)

This may be the cream of the crop in Delaware. The civil war prisonFort Delaware was a place of great suffering and ultimately the final resting place of many confederates. Many visitors have reported hearing moaning and the clanging of chains throughout the dungeons. People have also reported seeing full-bodied apparitions of confederate soldiers and pirates (who were also kept at the prison before the Civil War).This haunted attraction is so popular they do paranormal investigations year-round. But of course, it is much more fun at Halloween. 

 5.       OId Swedes (Visit Website)

OK, so we couldn't dig up any actual reported haunts here but it's one of the oldest church's in the Delaware Valley and it is surrounded by a graveyard. You're guaranteed a creepy experience at their Ghosts in the Graveyard tour.

 So there you have it, just a few of the ghost tours that you can take part in this Halloween weekend. For more information you can visit DE Ghost Tours Website or our calendar of events. Check out this video to see what a Old New Castle walking ghost tour is like!