extreme PizzaIt was a warm summer afternoon when I set out to meet some friends for lunch on Market Street and decided on Extreme Pizza. I took the five minute walk from my office down Market Street to the restaurant; no need to drive on a day as beautiful as this. As I walked down the street I passed by folks at various restaurants dining outdoors and enjoying themselves.

I arrive at Extreme Pizza and find that my group is already sitting at a table on their patio. I grab my seat under the shade of the table's umbrella and explore the menu. I am excited to find that they have several other offerings aside from pizza. Their pizza choices are unique and look delicious but I ultimately decide on the classic Margherita Pizza.

Extreme Pizza

Our friendly server takes our order and we continue to enjoy the comings and goings on Market Street. When our food arrives I can smell the fresh basil and see that this is no ordinary pizza. When I bite into a slice I can immediately taste each component and know only quality ingredients are used. My friends agreed and said their meals were delicious as well.

As we are leaving to head back to work, I comment on how wonderful it is to have so many outstanding restaurants all within walking distance. We all agree we will meet again, same time next week!

Sara Garnett
Director of Sales
Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau