Hamelt - DelShakes - 2014One of Greater Wilmington's best kept secrets is classical theatre as William Shakespeare intended it to be. Every summer, at Rockwood Park & Museum, the Delaware Shakespeare Festival puts on a rendition of one of Shakespeare's finest works!

The intimacy between actors and the audience is captivated by the magical setting of watching theatre under the stars on the grounds of the historic mansion. Every year my friends and I pack up our picnic baskets, with all sorts of treats, and grab a few blankets or chairs for seating on the lawn of the beautiful Rockwood Mansion.  As actors appear through the woods, or from behind the audience, you're constantly in awe with the seamless integration and use of the natural grounds as the set.

The caliber and artistic quality of the performers is worth noting as well. They do a tremendous job in really capturing the essence of Shakespeare's brilliance in a natural setting outside of a theatre. So as you sit there this spring planning your weekend getaways, remember, this July Hamlet comes to the Delaware Shakespeare Festival!