Take a stroll along Wilmington, Delaware's thriving River Walk as it snakes along the Christina River and you'll find an abundance of family fun and entertainment that includes the Delaware Children's Museum, DuPont Environmental Education Center, the Wilmington Blue Rocks - the single-A affiliate of Major League Baseball's Kansas City Royals - and the state-of-the-art Penn Cinema IMAX Riverfront that sports 15 screens. And, not to mention, plenty of restaurants to satisfy a diversity of tastes.

The other thing you will notice on your stroll are houses - houses that are fit for the birds. That's right. You will see dozens of masterpiece bird houses all designed by Wilmington, Delaware resident Thomas Burke.

Burke spent 25 years building custom homes with his father in Delaware. He still builds houses but now his business card reads: "Builder of Fine Bird Homes."

Burke combines his craftsman's skills with an artistic bent to create replicas of historic buildings or a client's home. "These birdhouses are whimsical, not architectural reproductions," says Burke, whose custom work can be spotted in yards all around Wilmington and now along Riverfront Wilmington.

Recently, CBS's Sunday Morning correspondent Martha Teichner caught up with Tom Burke, to tour Riverfront Wilmington and find out how hid career took flight when he gave up building houses for people to build elegant birdhomes.