Iron HillMy friends and I frequently like to meet for Happy Hour, especially in the warmer months. Most of us live and work in Wilmington so we can usually be found somewhere between Trolley Square, Downtown and the Riverfront. Our most recent outing took place at Iron Hill Brewery on the Riverfront.

We love Iron Hill, particularly for their outdoor seating with a waterfront view. They have an excellent microbrew selection as well as a wide variety of menu options. Our group likes to meet on Friday after work and one of us always has to get there early to save a seat on the deck; a very popular spot among the local crowd.

BeerAs we congregate at the restaurant, we order our drinks and pick some bites to share. Iron Hill Brewery is a popular restaurant for dinner as well as Happy Hour. Many of us end up staying long enough to order entrees and watch the sunset over the river. We love the view of the City of Wilmington as well and we realize we take for granted what a wonderful place we live in.

Sara Garnett
Director of Sales
Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau