Grand Opera HouseBroadway may be the "Great White Way" but if the 2013-2014 season at Wilmington's Grand Opera House is any indication, the Delaware venue may very well earn the moniker the "Great Witty Way." The varied line-up, which includes everything from stand-up comedians/ennes like Steven Wright and Wanda Sykes to beautifully-choreographed productions of classics like The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. (And, yes, this season The Grand goes a step further to prove that theater doesn't have to be stuffy by reuniting the half-baked 70s comedy duo Cheech & Chong!)

The diverse roster of performers and productions isn't at all unlike the storied history of The Grand itself. Opened in 1871 as a Grand Lodge for the Masons, the theater has hosted a slew of wildly different artists and entertainers over the years. In 1909, The Grand was briefly used as a stop on the vaudeville circuit before being converted to a movie theater but was quickly eclipsed by its flashier, more modern neighbor The Aldine. A series of misfortunes and a decline in patronage forced The Grand to close its doors in 1967 but a mere 4 years later (on its 100-year anniversary), the doors of the beloved theater were flung open and patrons filled the place to the rafters once again.

Today The Grand is still producing exciting seasons and bringing talented, world-renown artists and performers to the Delaware stage, reminding First Staters of the grand time to be had at the treasured theater.

The Grand Opera HouseFor more information on upcoming performances, please visit

The Grand Opera House
818 N. Market St.
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Box Office: (302) 652-5577

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