Christiana Mall Food CourtFor the past three years I have been getting together with my girlfriend the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping at the Christiana Mall. Each year we plan to get a head start on our holiday shopping but usually end up purchasing more for ourselves than other people! While we are not one of the many that stand in line at midnight, we casually stroll through the doors shortly after 9 a.m. and at that time it is a pleasant experience. We both enjoy the hustle and bustle but still find that there are more than enough stores for the crowds to circulate through. We have our favorites that are on the list of go-to stores and scout out the must have deals ahead of time.

After a busy morning of shopping, we find ourselves at the food court with a diverse selection of choices. After grabbing our meals we find a table in the bright open atrium. We talk about what a great sale that shirt was and how we should go back and purchase this or that, how we need to make it to Target before the door buster sale ends at 2pm and are we missing a gift for someone? 

Christiana MallWe are so fortunate to have tax free shopping and even as locals, we are amazed at the renovations that have taken place at the shopping center recently. No matter what items you may be looking for; The Christiana Mall has a store where you can find it.  

Sara Garnett
Director of Sales
Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau