"Me Tarzan. You Jane."

Go ApeThey're not exactly the most gripping onscreen words ever uttered, but they continue to inspire the fantasies of outdoor adventurists everywhere. Most of today's adrenaline junkies aren't chest-pounding, loincloth wearers but rather thrillseekers who crave a little bit of ‘outside-of-the-box' fun.

With the arrival of Go Ape - a zip-line and treetop adventure company - Greater Wilmington locals and visitors can now experience the thrill of the jungle right in their own backyard (Lums Pond State Park to be exact) and what an experience it is! Go Ape offers next-level adventure for those who'd rather tackle nature than hug a tree. Want a bird's eye view of expansive Lums Pond? Try one of several zip-lines that cross Delaware's largest freshwater pond.

If you're looking to really test your mettle, the ambitious and scenic course is made up of numerous rope ladders, over 40 crossings (including the Double Stirrups, Zigzag Trapeze, Flying Carpet and Canyon Crossing), 2 Tarzan swings and 5 zip-lines. Within the course are 5 individual sections, each offering different forest canopy altitude levels-the higher you venture into the treetops, the longer the zip-line. Take note, zip-lines #4 and #5 hover well over 650 feet so they are not for the faint of heart, though the amazing views they offer may be well worth trekking high into the treetops.

Go ApeFor more information and booking, please visit http://www.goape.com/.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course
Lums Pond State Park
1042 Howell School Road
Bear, Delaware 19701

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