Wilmington, Delaware residents have so much to look forward to as summer transitions into fall. Be on the lookout for free activities such as the likes of the Arden Fair which is making its way to Arden, Delaware on Saturday, August 30th.


Arden Fair: Something for Everyone

Arden FairThe Arden Fair is put on by The Arden Club, a non-profit organization that regularly brings concerts to the public, and so it's no surprise that in addition to fair staples-like prizes, baked goods and local artwork-the fair prominently features live music from 10 AM through 6 PM.

Even though the Arden Fair is nearly free-from the music to the shuttle bus, from the folk dancing demo to the general admission and everything in between-all proceeds that are made are used to support the club and its continued effort in providing great live, public music.


Of course, with 120 jewelry vendors, 50 antique vendors, pony rides, kettle corn and thousands of wares by local vendors and artisans, you might find yourself taking out your wallet once or twice.

Natural Beauty

Outdoor adventurers can travel along the grassy knolls taking in sights, walking their pets and enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings.

The Arden Fair is a collaborative event based mainly on the effort of many passionate individuals-from the volunteers to the vendors to the musicians to you, whose participation makes the whole thing possible!

Noteworthy Attractions at the Arden Fair

Arden FairIn addition to music, shopping and dining, the Arden Fair also features an abundance of unique attractions such as Shakespeare Gild children games, a holistic Expo and a craft shop for public use.

How to Get to the
Arden Fair

Getting to the Arden Fair is easy and fast!


95 N. will take you to exit 10 where you will make a left onto Harvey Road. Travel on Harvey Road for .7 miles and then turn left on Orleans Road and left on Highway.

Parking and Shuttle

The Arden Fair features free parking at the YMCA Hanby Outdoor Center and a free shuttle bus to the fair. Attendees who wish to bring their pets will have to hike it from the YMCA, but the walk is short and breezy.

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