Hello, and welcome to Good Taste, a foodie guide to the Greater Wilmington, Delaware area and all the delicious things it has to offer. My name is Matt Sullivan. (Hello there.) And before you take any of my advice on where to eat, you might care just a bit about my credentials. Lets start with the negatives: I'm not a gourmet. I'm not a connoisseur. I'm not a snob and I'm definitely not a food critic though I certainly have an opinion or two on the subject. I spent eight years editing a local entertainment magazine that had an unhealthy obsession with food. (Our annual Bacon Week promotion and Breakfast Sandwich issue made my cholesterol levels dance with joy.) And I was a member of the team that created the MidAtlantic Wine + Food Festival, the premier food and dining event of the region, putting together events like Bacon + Bourbon, the 937-Point Wine Tasting and Scrapplegasm. I think about food. A lot. Right now, I'm thinking about what I'm going to eat for lunch tomorrow, and I just finished eating lunch today. I remember many important life moments based on what I was eating. (Typical conversation with my wife: Remember that place we used to eat at in Auburn, with that really great peanut sauce? Uhm, that was 15 years ago. And didnt that place get shut down for health code violations? Man, that was good peanut sauce.) I believe that dining out should be nourishing and rejuvenating, social and maybe just a little hedonistic. I believe it makes perfect sense to burn $4 in gas to drive across town to find a good $1.25 bagel, because hey, good bagel. But more than anything, I believe that when you travel, you should never leave a place until you've bitten off the best they have to offer. A trip to New Orleans aint a trip to New Orleans unless you've had some crawfish. In Cincinnati, its a moral imperative to seek about a Skyline diner for a plate of chili over spaghetti (served five ways with onions, beans and cheese, and crushed oyster crackers on top). And I can't leave New York City without grabbing a bagel, a slice and a dog with mustard and onion sauce even if I'm just there for a 15-minute stop in Penn Station. So when you come to visit my hood, whether you're here on vacation or just coming through on business, I want to makes sure you leave with a good taste in your mouth, and a happy food memory to share with others. I've spent the past 10 years living in Delaware and eating just about everything in town, and I can tell you that the local dining scene has never been more exciting. From hidden sausage stands to world-renown craft beers, I look forward to pointing you in all the right directions. Of course, everyone's taste is different, so Ill have ideas for where coffee snobs can find a decent cuppa in the morning (get the kale-bacon-maple hash at Drip Café), where foodies can indulge in a local farm-to-table tasting menu (they grow a lot of their own at the Fair Hill Inn), where beer connoisseurs can find rare local craft beers on draught (and an order of hog wings at Two Stones) and, of course, where chowhounds can get an awesome scrapple sandwich (well get to it). From four-star dining to the best holes in the wall, well cover it all. Come along on our gastronomical tour of Greater Wilmington, Delaware and I promise you'll get a good taste of everything. Visiting the area soon and have specific questions about where to eat? Send them along to info@visitwilmingtonde.com., and well do our best to answer.