You've Got Red On You - Shaun of the Dead 4-D musical parody

7/12/2019, 7/13/2019, 7/19/2019, 7/20/2019

1301 N. Broom Street, Wilmington, DE 19806

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    (A Bloody Show Original) Join Shaun, flatmate Ed, girlfriend Liz, devoted Mum, (Not-My Dad) Phillip, and the rest of the gang, as they sing, dance and fight zombies in their quest towards the sanctuary of the Winchester.

    From the creators of Musical of the Living Dead, along with Bootless’ troupe of Bloody Summer Show regulars, this original musical parody gets the Bootless bloody treatment that audiences have come to love. If they could, RottenZombies would rate You’ve Got Red On You “Two Thumbs Off.”

    Do you dare sit in The Pit Splatter Zone? Our blood delivery system guarantees the MOST SPLATTER EVER.

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