UD Percussion Ensemble: “The (Mis)Remembered Geography of My Percussive Motherland”

April 22, 2023

110 Orchard Road, Newark, DE 19716

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    Join us for the world premiere of David M. Gordon’s “The (Mis)Remembered Geography of My Percussive Motherland,” a monumental cycle of compositions created specifically for the University of Delaware Percussion Ensembles. Known for creating evocative soundscapes teeming with unusual colors and idiosyncratic rhythms, Gordon here draws upon formative musical experiences from his early years as a percussionist, paying homage to many of the works, composers, and musical styles that set him on his compositional path. Employing over 100 different percussion instruments from around the world, “The (Mis)Remembered Geography of My Percussive Motherland” is an epic exploration of percussion’s power, beauty, and mystery.

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