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The History of the Spanish Empire by Syl Woolford

June 12, 2024

204 E Main Street, Middletown, DE 19709

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    The original explorers of the "New World" were Spanish conquistadors who were searching for a shorter trade route to India and unlimited treasurers. From Christopher Columbus who discover the New World to Hernan Cortes who conquered the Aztecs to Ferdinand Magellan who circumnavigated the earth, the story of the Spanish Empire is an exciting one. American history cannot be disconnected from the Spanish Empire. In 1790 two-thirds of the United States was a part of the Spanish Empire. Had Napoleon not turn on his Spanish allies, the world map would present at different picture. For all those interested in viewing history from the Spanish Empire view verses the British Empire view, this lecture cannot be missed. Presented by Syl Woolford, recognized by the Delaware National Education Association and the NAACP for his contribution to the preservation of African American history. Mr. Woolford is a member of the Delaware Heritage Commission, the Historical and Cultural Affairs Collections Committee, the Historic Preservation Fund, and the Wilmington University History Committee.

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