The Dude Ranch & 40 OZ To Freedom

February 19, 2023

500 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

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    The Dude Ranch
    What happens when you put together 3 dudes with musical ability, a love for Blink 182 and a similarly warped sense of humor? You get The Dude Ranch! Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Gerard Canonico (of Broadway’s Almost Famous, American Idiot, Spring Awakening, more), bassist/vocalist Zach Falkow and drummer Micah Cowher (STOMP), The Dude Ranch will transport you straight back to the late 90’s when the US only had three major music festivals and Furbees were still being sold un-ironically. These three jokers are hellbent on accurately recreating the classic music and debauchery of “Mark, Tom and Travis Show” era Blink.

    The Dude Ranch has toured across the country including appearances at fairs, festivals and more!

    40oz to Freedom
    40oz to Freedom’s a professional Sublime tribute band and winner of the 2010 San Diego Music Award for Best Tribute Artist! 40oz has toured the entire US and Canada for more than 13 years developing one of the largest tribute band followings in the world. 40oz to Freedom was founded in SoCal, and is currently based in Denver, CO.

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