Sap to Syrup

March 7, 2020

800 Carr Rd., Wilmington, DE 19809

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    Do you look at the syrup you're pancakes or waffles are drowning in and wonder where the syrup came from?

    Our popular program will help you understand the whole process of going from sap to syrup. We'll take you to a sugar bush, show you how sap is extracted, and then you'll get to taste some different types of syrup!

    Bring friends and family along for the fun! Or come by yourself and brag about being a syrup connoisseur.

    This program does fill up, so register before it's too late! There are two time slots: 10 AM-Noon and  1 PM-3 PM.
    To register, visit or our front office or call (302)761-6963. Meet at the Arts Center.

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